"My love for animals was born when i was very young ..."

The dog of my dreams...

I fell for those enormous “Black Bears”, for that special glance of theirs, which showed their exemplary kindness and sweetness.

Well, that glance was always in my mind, it was so deep inside of me that I promised myself one day I would give myself the chance to have one of those sweet “Black Bears”: the dog of my dreams.

Meanwhile my life went by, I grew up and reached maturity, but my wish was still there..

It’s a long time since Giuseppe came into my life..

He is with me and shares this great love for animals.

Giuseppe was lucky: he was born and grew up on his family’s small farm: with me, today, he nourishes his passion for Newfoundland dogs.

Finally, in 2003 our passion led us to LEO, our first beloved Newfoundland dog.

Through him we realised that our life would not be the same any longer, that we needed those dogs.

Since that day in 2003..the day on which our dream came true.

The dream is continuing, our “Black dream” called DREAMBLACK.

Eleonora Basso